How / Why Does A Mosquito Treatment Work?


The species of Mosquito most common in our area is a very poor flyer. They can only fly a few feet and then must rest. This difficulty in controlling flight is why you seldom see them on breezy mornings and nights. It is also why they typically rest in areas protected from the wind during the day. These are generally shaded areas. Female Mosquitos produce 30-150 eggs about every 2 days. The blood meal is required to nourish the eggs.


When searching for food the mosquito will follow carbon dioxide flumes from anything with lungs. As they near the source of carbon dioxide they add heat detection to the tracking process. Finally, when very close to the target they use sight. Mosquitos are extremely east to kill with pesticide so very low does will get results.


When we treat for Mosquitos we use a machine designed for the job. We select products that are proven to offer the best control. We add our knowledge of how a Mosquito lives and what it needs to thrive. Using a "mist" carried by air we are able to get the product in areas where the Mosquito rests. It is applied at a high concentration so it will last longer.


Also through application the product is blocked from the primary things that degrade pesticides which are sunlight and moisture. At the time of treatment virtually every Mosquito on your property is dead. As they flutter in from untreated areas they have to rest. As they rest they contact the products and die. So, you have a treated zone from the property line to the home.


The first 2 weeks the property will have very few Mosquitos. The third week you might see a few. During the 4th week the products come to the end of their life and we return to protect your family and pets for another 30 days. The standard program begins March and ends in October. Many of our customers get the treatments all year long because they quickly discover how nice it is to sit on the patio in the evening and not have swarms of Mosquitos attacking them.