Biting Midge & Non-Biting Midge


Non-biting midges are flies that begin life in water. Many of us will call these pest "Blind Mosquitos". They have a similar life cycle and do look somewhat the same as Mosquitos, but are very different insects. The midge in the larva stage spends it life in water and is a very important part of the food chain for aquatic animals. Non-biting Midges do not feed on blood but can be a great nuisance. Since they are in the fly family they are very good flyers. You will often see them by the hundreds resting in the shaded areas like eaves and arches during the day. At dawn and dusk these insects swarm looking for mates. Because there are so many of them and they are good fliers a Mosquito treatment will only offer a couple days relief. This pest generally will have a huge hatch in the spring and then the numbers subside as summer comes on. However, there are many species of midge so smaller hatches will occur all through the summer months.


Biting midges are flies as well. Some hatch from the sand and others start life in water. Many of us call these pests No-See-ums or Sand Fleas / Flies. They are the worst in wooded areas and along waterways. A Mosquito treatment will provide very little relief from these pests because they are such good flyers.


While all midges are a great nuisance they do not commonly act as a vector of disease. The best protection against these pests is clothing and repellants.


The color and size of all these pests will vary by species, the general body structure will be the same.